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Catchy Names

Hello again! Welcome back. I appreciate you reading my weekly posts! This week I want to talk about names. My name? No. Your name? No.

I want to talk about how I name the jewelry pieces I create. From the start I wanted them all to have a theme, and what better theme than music??? As I made the first couple pieces I needed a way to tell them apart. I didn't want to call them all bracelets or boring! The first necklace became the Solo necklace because it was a single circle pendant. Then I created the Duet which has two connected circles....get it? Notice the trend here? Then the bangle bracelet became the Tempo, and the leather bracelets became Rhythm bracelets and one of my favorites....the Octave necklace. And so on and so forth.

With that being said, I am always open to new ideas for naming new designs. Other names I have for pieces include Melody, Harmony, Note(s), Trio, Bar, and Ballad. Bars and Ballads will be described more in future posts so keep your peepers open for those later on.

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