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Did You Know??

Good morning to you all!

Okay, while making cool jewelry is super fun and all...I get to do something else that is even more fun (if that is possible).

Ever heard of the band Vic Ferrari? They have only been around over 30 years...(insert sarcasm here).

Well I get to work with them! I get their used strings and turn them into jewelry so fans can have a lil piece of the band to take home with them. The band members are so so nice and a lot of fun. It has been a privilege getting to know them over the last year. They have been excited about this line of jewelry and help me come up with new ideas!

Anyway, last night they played at the Meyer Theater in downtown Green Bay. Boy was it phenomenal! They always know how to put on a great show. If you ever get the chance to see them...take it! You can find their list of shows at

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